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  Copyright in all text is held by Ina Bertrand, except where another writer is cited. Text can be re-used in any form, provided recognised citation procedures are followed.

Copyright in images is held by the person credited. Images from this site can be re-used in any form, provided that the following principles are followed:
  1. Acknowledgement is made of this site as the source of the image.
  2. Acknowledgement is made of the copyright holder.
  3. No alteration is made to the image.
  4. This site is notified (preferably by email) within one month of the usage.
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This is a database: it is descriptive rather than analytical, in the hope that once reasonably reliable data is available historical analysis can proceed with more confidence.

The information it contains is incomplete and fallible. Readers are invited to correct and/or to add information by Email. The database will be periodically updated. Email the site if you wish to be notified of updates.

Entries are organised by physical location. Except where the information is not available, each entry contains the following:
  • Street address, town
  • Name/s of venue (earliest to most recent)
  • Description and history of the venue, including changes over time to: buildings and fittings, seating accommodation, ownership and/or management, staffing, facilities and services, anecdotal information from management or audience.
  • Sources, listed in this order:
    • official records (Post Office Directories, local government records, etc);
    • books;
    • journals and newspapers;
    • interviews (name of interviewer): name of person interviewed (year of interview);
    • informants (year)
  • photographs and diagrams (with links to those which can be viewed on this site)
'Interviews' have been recorded, and are held either by the interviewer or by libraries (e.g. Battye Library, Perth) or archives (e.g. ScreenSound, Canberra).

'Informants' have provided information less formally, in conversations or in letters.

Those photographs for which copyright permission has been obtained are provided on the site Others can only be consulted through the sources listed.