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  Bill Turner embarked on this project with me. Though he withdrew after several years, so he cannot be held responsible for flaws in the final product, his contributions - and particularly his photographs - were invaluable. I am also grateful for the contributions of several research assistants over the years, including Ilma Jasper, Colleen Pead and Heather Dale.

The generosity of the West Australian Film Pioneers has been inspirational. Many of them have talked to me at length and allowed me to copy treasured photographs. In particular, Arthur Stiles has been a continuing mentor, and did not give up on me even when the 'finished' product took more than twenty years to arrive.

The research on which this site is based began in 1978. Since then, hundreds of people have contributed - providing documents, images and information. Every effort has been made to list in each entry those who have contributed to that entry - but over the years some names have probably been overlooked, for which I can only apologise. I must also thank the many writers of local histories which I have combed for information: they have often provided the clue to get me started in the right direction. Max Bell's book was the pioneering effort in the field, but it has been his contributions, and those of Jack Honnibal, to the journal "Kino" (the magazine of the Australian Theatre and Cinema Historical Society) which have been most valuable in alerting me to changes in the venues over many years. Vyonne Geneve's research on art deco cinemas in WA has also been outstanding. The West Australian system of Heritage Inventories has been a great help, and I hope that, as more of these are completed and existing ones refined, new information about cinema venues will appear.

Stella Files and Graeme Bertrand have provided support all through the long gestation period of this project: it could not have been completed without them.

Sam Hinton came into this project only in the last two years, but it would never have reached the web without him. I am particularly grateful for his endless patience with a web-novice. Many thanks, too, to Brian Sheosmith and Arshad Omari, who recognised the site's potential, and to Edith Cowan university for hosting the site and for providing the technical backup to make it viable.

The information in this database illustrates how important film has been in the lives of the people of Western Australia, for more than a century. This influence has strengthened and waned in different parts of the state at different times, but, as a new century opens, the pundits who predicted the end of cinema seem - happily, for those of us who love film - to have got it wrong...

Ina Bertrand
October 2001