The Good Old Days of Cinema

In the Good Old Days of Cinema and how different the world was back then, for many in the audience would have been there from the era of the hand cranked silent projector, most likely using limelight, in a tent or small hall. People born before the turn of the century, who also experienced the first primitive aircraft with joyrides by pioneers in the field, in a cloth covered biplane.

It was not long after the introduction of radio, requiring a long outside aerial and battery powered wireless to pick up either 6WF in Perth or 6WA in Wagin, the most powerful transmitters covering the south west.

The shared line telephone serviced by a lady at a switchboard who could listen in on all the business whilst seeking gossip… for there were no dial telephones back then.

It was also in the midst of the Great Depression and the onslaught of WWII.

Most of the rural folk lived without electricity, piped water or even septic tanks… instead serviced by wood fuelled stoves, the kerosine lantern, a windmill and rainwater tank with a thunder box outback. Old newspapers filled the role of toilet paper.

The country folk were fortunate in living off the land, being able to grow their own produce during an era of shortage and rationing.

Petrol was also in short supply, requiring the use of gas producing charcoal burners to fuel vehicles.

Old times3

Old times4

Old times1The occasional horse remained a means of transport, though increasingly rare, with horse troughs still in prominent spots in Perth and men walking the streets collecting the manure, as policemen stood on city street corners directing traffic.


Old times2The city streets and suburbs were also littered with overhead telephone, electricity, tram and trolley bus wires.

Advertising also polluted the main streets.

Many of the gold rush era buildings were now in need of a coat of paint, whilst the corrugated iron roofs could be seen rusting, by those who frequented the Boans Cafeteria to eat simple meals, drink tea that had been stewed for ages and enjoy the vista.

Every building was polluted to some degree by cigarette smoke, as this prolific practice was the norm.

They were the good old days.