In Focus

The first of the four  2021 ‘inFocus’ meetings is on Wednesday February 17th starting at 7.30 pm at the RSL Hall. 
The focus of this meeting is 16 millimetre Film capture and projection
In the first half of the program we will be looking at the  adaptation of the phenomenon of persistence of vision (POV) in the development of ingenious mechanical devices that can capture and project moving images that initially used 35mm but later 16mm film. This story spans nearly 100 years from the late 1880’s to the mid 1970’s when transistors and television technology took over. 
During the refreshment break Keith will demonstrate threading a working 50 year old 16mm projector with a restored 16mm film masterpiece which will then be projected taking us into the second half of the program. Also during the break Ian Stimson has kindly offered to show a couple of his examples of the very first Kodascope 16mm projectors.
In the second half of the program we will be meeting the Western Australian Goodall brothers who will hopefully talk about their father Leith’s film making and Newsreel career and from their respective careers, bring alive the use of 16 mm cameras and projectors into the present.
Please try and attend and support our worthy cause