AMMPT Collection Tours

AMMPT Collection Tours 2018, continued from successful tours in 2017.


The Australian Museum of Motion Picture and Television (AMMPT Western Region) is pleased to once again be conducting free tours of the museum’s collection at the Sunset Heritage Precinct in Dalkeith.
One of these buildings contains the museum’s collection of cinema and television paraphernalia.
The tours will enable veterans within the industry, and interested parties, to inspect the stored collection.
Former Seven Managing Director Kevin Campbell, former TVW Chief Engineer John Quicke, Cinema veteran Roy Mudge and Television veteran Harry Smith will be conducting the tours.
AMMPT (WR)is not only about displaying equipment, it is also about collecting the stories and imagery so that the history can be conveyed in depth.


2018 first tour had 13 members of the public attend


Curator Roy Mudge



Former TVW Chief Engineer John Quicke



Former Seven Managing Director Kevin Campbell with first NEW10 Chief Engineer Peter Scotland





In 2017 AMMPT WR decided to open the museum for tours to the industry and public.

The first tours were held on the 4th , 25th October and the 1st November 2017 and were attended by 24 visitors.


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