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Thank you to WATVHistory  and Ken McKay for the following information.

Whilst working at TVW in 1972 I had the opportunity to chat with the late Ken Alexander about some 16mm footage he was editing. It involved the Ambassadors Theatre, which was about to close and be demolished.

Years later in a conversation with Barry Goldman he explained that he was an old friend of Ken’s, who had provided him with a VHS tape of his footage that was titled “Great Picture Palaces of the Past”.

In total there is footage of seven cinemas, of which most are now gone…





Plaza (Paris)


Cinema City

I took this opportunity to combine Ken’s Ambassadors footage with a number of Kodachrome colour slides kindly provided by the late Ron Tutt.

The result can be found on YouTube as the video titled…

Ambassadors a Lost Cinema Heritage


In 1995 the Vintage Wireless and Gramophone Club staged a major exhibition to celebrate the ‘Centenary of the Cinema’.

The club presented the exhibition in a major shopping centre.

It ran for a full week and was manned each day by members of the club.

The photos have been sent to AMMPT by Richard Rennie


Putting on the pictures in Mt Barker and Albany. A short history by projectionist Norman Gordon Mills


Richard Rennie is doing research into the use of the Kammatagraph in Western Australia. This was a camera for taking moving pictures on glass plates. Kammatagraphs were advertised for sale in WA in 1903 and 1904. Any information – please contact Richard on 9330 1636 or

An exhibition is presently running at the Museum of Performing Arts at His Majesty’s Theatre in Perth about Alan Jones as a travelling picture show man. It includes many documents and photographs, especially related to the excitement generated when Allan Jones arrived at the local hall in South West timber towns

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