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Past AMMPT Events

An Evening with Dianna Hammond May 2011 Dianna is the President of the NSW branch of the Australian National Flag Association, from which WA Branch President and AMMPT Associate member Bert Lane  extended an invitation to AMMPT members to attend the local event. This was scheduled for the evening of Wednesday June 1st. and was held in the Perth CBD. The ANFA was  supplying refreshments at the venue. October 17, 2007. Members of The Australian Museum of…

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2011 Screen Awards


WA Screen Awards Special on WTV Channel 44 Diana Warnock and Damien Spiccia – Winner of the Bill Warnock Award See the glamour of the red carpet, the drama of the awards ceremony, the joy of the winners and the buzz of the party! WTV has put together a half-hour special capturing the highlights of the 2011 WASA’s. It was great night for the screen industry to celebrate the achievements of the past year by…

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Appeal to all TVW7

Re unionists  Sunday 18th October 2009 certainly proved to be an event to be remembered, not only for the re-kindling of friendships with old ( I use the word “old” cautiously ) colleagues, but for the awareness of the almost forgotten technology on display. Fortunately these items were saved from the tip by early management and staff who had the vision to provide for the enlightenment of future generations. If you have called in at our…

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