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Hedley Sims (1937-2011)

If anyone had the ability to laugh, tell jokes and anecdotes in the face of adversity, especially his own, it was our long time and valued member of AMMPT, Hedley Sims. While not unexpected due to a prolonged and courageous battle in recent years with cancer, the local cinema community felt a great sadness and loss when the final day came. Hedley’s knowledge of, and contribution to the local industry during his career will be…

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John Davies (1915 – 2011)

John Davies passed away at a retirement village in Mandurah on February 9th 2011. Although never a member of AMMPT he was a major benefactor, donating $1000 to our cause and his complete Neuman Sinclair 35mm cine camera and accessories to our collection. John was very much aware how the industry has changed during his long career and was passionate about preserving some of its magic for coming generations to savour. Davies was born in…

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