Past AMMPT Events

An Evening with Dianna Hammond May 2011
Dianna is the President of the NSW branch of the Australian National Flag Association, from which WA Branch President and AMMPT Associate member Bert Lane  extended an invitation to AMMPT members to attend the local event. This was scheduled for the evening of Wednesday June 1st. and was held in the Perth CBD. The ANFA was  supplying refreshments at the venue.

October 17, 2007. Members of The Australian Museum of Motion Picture Technology gathered for a special screening to mark the closure of Hoyts Cinema City in the Perth CBD. The final movie was ‘Hercules Returns’. Cinema City was built by TVW Enterprises, opening in 1980 before being purchased by Hoyts in 1988. At the time, Cinema City was the largest multi-cinema complex, containing four cinemas with provisioning for a fifth in the future. 27 years of Cinema City screening movies on the Hay Street site came to an end on October 17, 2007.

April 20th 2011 Local cinema history Graham Norton  provided a film of the 1941 Reelers’ Fraternity Movie Ball and other film industry social events around that time. Many living and deceased local cinema pioneers could  be identified. Other early cinema memorabilia was on display.

Silent Movie Classics at Wireless Hill was held on March 19th 2011 A free open air movie show of some of the silent movie comedy classics was shown at Wireless Hill in Ardross.  Partner in this event was the local Senior’s radio station, Capital Community Radio 101.7 FM.

AMMPT BBQ/PICNIC 2009 This event was held at Wireless Hill Park in Ardross, after AMMPT’s monthly film screening at the Cygnet on Sunday December 6th. A licence was obtained to enable members to bring their own alcoholic and other beverages to be consumed in the Park. Barbecue facilities were available, as well as playgrounds for the young ones. Spectacular views of the Swan River were  taken from the viewing towers, previously anchor points for the original main mast.

Bridging the Generation and technology gap May 2011 Members’ younger generation were invited along to see working demonstrations of Mutoscopes, a replica Kinetoscope, a Praxinoscope, some Zootropes and Phenakistoscopes which were used at the very birth of the moving image era. Some films of the early history of the industry and some old time silent movie comedies were screened. Suitable fare was provided for the grandkids and others.

March 16 2011 Demo mechanical television system Richard Rennie repeaed t the working demonstration of the locally developed Blake Horrocks TV system which he also gave in 2010. Other TV memorabilia was on display

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