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In Focus meetings are held monthly at the East Victoria Park RSL Hall, Fred Bell Parade, Bentley on the third Wednesday of each month between 7 pm and 10 pm.



AMMPT WESTERN REGION’s next In-Focus presentation for Wednesday the 19th AUGUST:

photo for iN fOCUS

Roll Up! Roll Up! for the next exciting episode of AMMPT’s inFocus Cinema History.

This time Roy is our Screen Master revealing the fantastic tricks of the 3D Cinema trade.The Magic of virtual space and distance, The Thrill of the chase, the Fear of falling, The Exhilaration of Speed,The Terror of the Unknown, the life threatening outreach from the other side, and the dizzying spectacle of breathtaking vistas. This,  all wrapped up for your delight and delectation in a one night presentation.

Put on your coat and scarf, take your medications and bring your seat belt.
You won’t want to miss this one.

August 19th at the RSL Hall, 1 Fred Bell Pde, East Victoria Park.  We open at 7.00pm. for a start at 7.30pm

A ‘Museum of Perth‘ private ‘Fundraising Sneak Peek Event’ was held on Friday 14 August 2015, at 117 Barack Street, Perth (rear entrance off Grand Lane).

articel Perth Museum
Ryan Zaknich with Richard Ashton (WA TV History) and Keith Rutherford (AMMPT)

The Museum’s project manager Alysha Worth is working with volunteers to get the Museum exhibition space and office up and running. Once this is ready they will start the archiving and setting up the first exhibition about the coffee culture in Perth.

The Museum of Perth is establishing itself through donations, and has received $10,335 from their crowdfunding campaign. This money is currently going towards the fit-out of the exhibition and office space. (Please do not confuse this association with the Western Australian Museum, the state museum.)

It is being started up by Reece Harley, a Perth city councillor who is outspoken on the preservation of heritage, Two Feet and a Heartbeat walking tours founders Ryan Zakich and Ryan Mossny, Heritage Perth executive director Richard Offen and arts patron, former Perth MP, journalist and broadcaster Diana Warnock, along with amateur historian Dallas Robertson, who started Facebook and Twitter accounts called Museum of Perth in 2012 to share unseen historic images of the city, which quickly gained a following.

A similar page called Lost Perth has over 100,000 likes.

The group is planning a permanent collection which tells the whole arc of Perth’s history from Aboriginal to colonial, convict to gold rush, the WWI years, the art deco era, the depression, WWII, the move to suburbia, the destruction of historic buildings through the 1960s to 1990s and finally the current move to new urbanism and a renewed interest in heritage.

There’s also space for rotating exhibitions and a microcinema for documentaries, movies and archival footage of Perth. It is hoped the space will become a history hub, with more than a dozen digital archiving stations planned for visitors to document their own photographs and memorabilia of Perth.

They have hired an 80sqm exhibition space on Grand Lane, which runs between Murray and Wellington streets in the city, where the building is at the back of 117 Barrack Street. This itself is steeped in history: it was the home to The West Australian League of Wheelmen, an early cycling association before the automobile populated the streets of Perth. It was also the early home of the Lafayette Dease Studios from 1900 to 1927 before they moved further up Barrack Street to be next door to the Liberty Theatre.

A cafe in the front half of the Museum space is being named for Henry Saw, who had a shop just round the corner, and who was, reportedly, the first person to roast coffee in Perth back in 1852. Perth filmmaker and cafe owner Jimmy the Exploder has already started fitting out this cafe.


Australian Museum of Motion Picture and Television (Inc.)
Thomas Edison forged a stellar career as a major inventor and entrepreneur. His life’s work has shaped us all and continues to underpin all the world’s subsequent developments in communication, sound, lighting and moving pictures. The name Edison still has the ring of magic and we continue to appreciate the ever unfolding understanding of the magnitude of what he did for humanity.
Richard Rennie has prepared a presentation on Edison’s inventions for our interest and reflection.
Following the break Bill Gaynor will project an Australian 16mm film entitled “Now You’re Talking”.
It has a duration of 46 minutes.
This is the story of the Australian film industry in the thirties. The action takes us from the pioneering days of talkies through to the decline of the Australian industry with the coming of World War II. This is the decade that saw the rise of Cinesound and the emergence of screen-acting talents like Errol Flynn and Peter Finch, when Dad and Dave were brought to the screen and Charles Chauvel made Forty Thousand Horsemen.

Join us on 17th June at the RSL Hall, 1 Fred Bell Pde, East Victoria Park.
We open at 7.00pm and start at 7.30pm.


TECHNICOLOR was the name of a major film company. The name still has the ring of magic. Years of experimentation and the spending of vast sums of money culminated in an entertainment world changing force. This produced major technical and engineering achievements in the field of colour film development and cinematography. The Technicolor films that followed are now a part of western culture. For the most part they still hold their original colour and many of us, who recall their charm, still flock to see a vintage Technicolor film.

Ian Stimson, AMMPT Western Region (Inc.) vice president, will introduce us to Technicolor and give us the benefit of his vast knowledge and experience on the subject. Come along and get the inside story.

IN FOCUS PRESENTATION –MARCH 18TH – 7.30pm FRED BELL RSL HALL Our  Wednesday evening “In Focus Presentation” will be John Quicke presenting the topic “On Life and Work on the Other Side of Your Television Screen”. John Quicke was the Chief Engineer at TVW during the period of much expansion. Kevin Campbell who worked for Channel 7 for 35 years and was Managing Director Channel 7 Perth for nine years will introduce John.

Our 15th April presentation features military historian Len Christie with “Reflections on Gallipoli”.

Our February Wednesday evening “In Focus Presentation” was John Napier-Winch presenting the topic “Heritage FilmPreservation”. John has specialised in the process of transferring significant historical and heritage Western Australian films to the digital format and is about to gear up to meet the very large amount of work to be done.


17.9.2014. “The Wonders of TODD AO” Part by Roy Mudge,  former cinema chain manager and veteran projectionist Roy Mudge kindly provided a most authoritative talk on 70mm films (part 2) with lots of visual examples to entertain. He detailed not only the theatres and the many high profile movies… but also identified the cinemas and the films they were associated with. Roy included historic background to the big Hollywood movie studios, camera equipment and key people in the industry. Part 1 (presented earlier in the year) covered the history of movie making from the pioneering days… including many epic silent movies such as Ben Hur and other such spectacular productions, where rare preserved footage was screened.

The History of Wide Screen Cinema

South Pacific

Previous Presentations…

The May 21st presentation was from member Roy Mudge on “The Wonders of TODD AO”. Roy is one of a dwindling band of former projectionists involved with the major theatre chains operating in Perth and Fremantle 50 years ago. He amassed a mountain of memorabilia, equipment and films during his various appointments and provided some most interesting anecdotes and pictures for this presentation.

Our first presentation for 2014 was presented by member and committee man Peter Goodall. The story of photomechanical film versus digitally recorded images OR making sense of the transition from celluloid to digital technology.

The March 19th presentation was presented by new member Simon Robinson and was titled Current and past changes in UK cinema. Simon worked in UK cinemas for 17 years including the Odeon Leicester Square Theatre.

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