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Early Film Production in WA – Wednesday August 18th inFocus

This will be more than just about Early Film Production in WA – with an emphasis on feature films.
Leonard Corrick filmed a short chase comedy called “The Bashful Mr Brown” in 1907, which was possibly the first narrative film made in Western Australia.
Later, Fred Murphy made a drama called “love’s Own Luck” in 1920, which he claimed to be the first acted picture made in WA.  This was followed by a comedy called “Twins and Trouble”, made for the Ugly Men’s philanthropic group.  Another was “Dreams and Screams”, made in 1923 for  Sir Thomas Coombe, the owner of the Prince of Wales Theatre in Perth.
As much of the pioneering movie making was taking place in the eastern states, a report on the history of film production there is also given.
We then turn our attention to the “Nickel Queen”, a movie made in WA in 1971, which is considered to be the first colour and sound feature movie to come out of the West.

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