J Barrey Williams


J Barrey Williams

▪ 1981-1983 Manager TVW7 (ex SAS)

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2015 – J. Barrey Williams, Gordon McColl and Richard Ashton outside St George’s Cathedral for the funeral of Sir James Cruthers
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J Barrey Williams spent the first 20 years of his working life in the television industry, starting as a ‎‎“props boy” on the legendary eastern states “Tonight Shows” of the sixties, through to General ‎Manager of TVW Channel 7, Australia’s highest rating television station.‎

In 1983 he became Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of Monahan Dayman Adams ‎Advertising Group, which was re-named Mojo after a series of mergers, and was appointed a Director ‎of the Asia Pacific Board.‎

From May 2000 to December 2005 he was Chief Executive Officer of The Western Australian Club (Inc.), a 2,000 membership-based professional persons’ business organisation, situated in a heritage ‎building on St George’s Terrace.

He ran a consultancy group specialising in high level networking, marketing and sponsorship for ‎several leading companies and organisations. He had undertaken major projects for a diverse range of clients including:

  • West Australian Opera Company –

Director of Sponsorship, raising millions of dollars.

  • The Perth ‎Wildcats –

Director Marketing and Master of Ceremonies

  • Therapy Focus –

Consultant, development of not-for-profit strategies

  • Expo Group –

Marketing Manager, responsible for overall strategy for this leading printing group

  • Tourism Malaysia –

Presentation of major “Year of the Visitor” marketing campaign

  • Mundaring Truffle Festival –

Director of Sponsorship, responsible for raising hundreds and thousands of sponsorship dollars

  • Devlin’s Fashion Group –

Chairman and general management and marketing strategies.

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J Barrey was a leading compere and charity auctioneer, raising millions of dollars for charities in Western Australia.

‎His community and business interests were extensive and included:

  • Chairman of the Variety of Australia (WA region) 1988-1989 and served on the Board of ‎Directors from 1984-1996 (Inaugural Life Member 2007) – Inaugural member and Chairman, responsible for the launch of the now infamous Variety Car Bash, raising millions of dollars for underprivileged sick and handicapped children.
  • Director of Western Australian Tourism Commission, Eventscorp Board 1989-1993‎ – As a Board Director, involved in the successful bidding for events, including The Hopman Cup, World Rally Championships and the Margaret River Suring Masters.
  • President of the Naval, Military and Air Forces Club of Western Australia 1990-1991‎ – The only non-serving military President to be elected.
  • Chairman of the Board of Directors of Edge Employment and Training Solutions, Australia’s ‎largest organisation which facilitates the employment of intellectually and physically ‎handicapped persons into the open workforce 1993-2005‎ – Saw this organisation grow from a staff of four to the largest employment agency for people with disabilities in Australia (70 staff 3,000 persons employed).
  • Chairman of the Australian-American Catalina Memorial Museum Foundation 2000-2014. Raised over $1m to restore a WWII Catalina in recognition of the contribution made by those servicemen during WWII. This world renowned aircraft is now on display at the Bull Creek Air Force Museum.
  • Director of the West Australian Opera Company 2000-2005‎ – Director of Marketing, responsible for raising hundreds of thousands of dollars in new Arts sponsorship.
  • Chairman of the Australian Olympic Team WA Appeal Committee and the Commonwealth Games WA Appeal Committee 2003-present – Responsible for raising millions of dollars to support our young athletes on their road to represent Australia at both Commonwealth and Olympic Games.
  • Member of the Executive Board, The 500 Club 1987 to present – This organisation represents over 750 of Western Australia’s leading Business Persons and their Charter is to support Conservative Politics and Free Enterprise. I have been on their Executive Board since inception and compere all their major events, hosting Prime Ministers, Premiers, Politicians and Business Leaders.
  • Member of Lake Karrinyup Golf Club
  • Member of The Western Australian Club

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