More about activities at the Sunset Heritage Precinct in Dalkeith

There is a considerable amount of activity taking place at the Sunset Heritage Precinct in Dalkeith, with team members of the Pictures in Motion Film and Television Museum busy adding to the vast source of cinema and television memorabilia, whilst creating interesting displays of great educational value.


The team consists of television veterans John Quicke, Ross McDonald and Tim O’Dea. John was TVW7 Chief Engineer during the formative years of great expansion, with the introduction of outside broadcasting,  videotape,  new studios and a modern operations area for the introduction of automation and colour.  Ross McDonald owned and operated Taimac, a once prominent television studio facility in Northbridge, which also operated the on-course television at the Races, Trots and Dogs. He also operated the public address systems and the photo finish at these venues.  Tim O’Dea was the TVW7 Engineering Director from 1976 to 2000, whilst simultaneously the Station Manager from 1986 to 2000. Tim is also the Registrar and is busy cataloguing the entire collection so that it can be accessed on-line as a virtual museum.

Harry Smith was for many years a director of TAIMAC (along with John Quicke and Ross McDonald) and prior to that he was with the film distributor, 16 Millimetre, who were also the agents for Shibaden, an early manufacturer of video equipment.  Later Harry established the successful video production and service company Wharfdale Pty Ltd.

At the core of the committee is cinema veteran Roy Mudge, who is the Curator for the Museum and former cinema manager Graham Kahn.

Former AMMPT President, Ian Stimson brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from working in a vast range of disciplines, from live stage productions at the Repertory Club, Playhouse and His Majesty’s Theatre,  to Cinema exhibition, then Radio and Television broadcasting.

The executive consists of President: Agnes Foyster, Vice President: Graham Kahn,  Secretary: Peter Foyster and Treasurer: Agnes Foyster.

In addition to the committee,  there are valued volunteers such as Librarians Beth McKechnie, Trevor Kelly, Liz Kirkham and Keith Rutherford, with Graham Lacey, Gerry Voutsinas and Barry Goldman fulfilling some very important restoration roles.
Photos courtesy of Harry Smith.

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