Perth Heritage Day Weekends

AMMPT WR has accepted the invitation to participate in the Perth Heritage Days event on the basis that we should be involved in contributing to such cultural events. It is also one of the very few Public Relations opportunities this year, outside the Cygnet programme for AMMPT to show another side to its operation and to promote its museum work. The event takes place on the weekend of 15th and 16th of October 2016 and our program runs as below stated.

I have made up a three hour screened program officially named “Re Presenting Perth” in three one hour segments related to the way in which Perth saw itself over the last hundred and eighty years. One hour of the program will be delivered from a vintage 16mm amateur projector to add effect to the historical nature of the material. The other two hours will be via our presentation data projector.

The various films and video sequences are not in chronological order but they cover filmed re-enactments of Captain Stirling’s first explorations of the “River of Swans”; Captured Perth public scenes dating from the early 1900’s; the first World War: the Roaring Twenties; The Great Depression and the Second world War. It also covers the early post WWII attempts to promote Perth as an immigration and then a tourist destination. Finally the sequences kindly permitted by Channel Seven revisit the news and entertainment of the heady years of the 60’s and 70’s and 80’s
There is something in the program for everyone and folk can come and go between segments.

The three one hour segments will run in turn throughout the two day event. Keith Rutherford will be setting up on the Friday 14th and will be assisted by Graham Kahn on both the Saturday and the Sunday between 10.00am and 4.00pm. I would welcome members visiting the event and lingering to talk to folk about our organisation and, if they feel so inclined, to direct public to our brochures. You never know, someone might just be interested in becoming involved.

For general information about the diverse “Heritage Days” program for this weekend please follow this link:

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