Western Australian Film Preservation

Western Australian Film Preservation

The Australian Museum of Motion Picture and Television Film Library has donated 24 Titles on 29 reels of 16mm film from its collection to the State Library of Western Australia. Almost all of these titles were endangered and needed to be digitised or they could have been lost forever.

The State library’s funding drive has led to further digitisation of important Western Australian historical and cultural films which have been now given a new lease of life. Their preservation in a new digital medium keeps the record alive for future study and research. A list of the films donated to this important cause is available on request  to the Webmaster.

On Sunday October 21st the SLWA is presenting a short program of some of their recently digitised films. Details are available in the announcement below

Sunday 21 October 2018 from 01:00PM to 01:30PM

State Library Theatre

Take a step back in time and see Western Australia as it was. Running for approximately 30 minutes, this screening will showcase some of the newly digitised films from the State Library’s rich and diverse collection. The State Library is home to a vast collection of audio visual material that is free for everyone to enjoy.

To support digitisation programs at the State Library, please consider making a secure online donation at slwa.wa.gov.au 

Registration is encouraged but not required.  (booking details to come)

Our film library volunteers are pleased to have contributed to this important work.

We are always looking to add hard working volunteer film examiner/conserver/recorders to our group.

Keith Rutherford


AMMPT Film library volunteers .They are from left to right Keith Rutherford, Kevin Hooper, David Goddard Geff Shaw, and in front Jenny Hill.


AMMPT Western Region Inc’s films donated to the SLWA for digitisation.


29 reels (24 titles) of 16mm films – listed below

Australia at War, 1914-1918 – an account of the Australian Armed Forces Pt 1

Australia at War, 1914-1918 – an account of the Australian Armed Forces Pt 2

Australian Diary No 51: Carnarvon Whaling Station

Australian Diary No 52

Australian Wool Textile Industry

Bridges: Western Australia

Career Public Service

Challenge of Flight

Curious and Diverse Flora, A  Part 1

Curious and Diverse Flora, A Part 2

Bunbury Hinterland ’61



Golden Sands

Great South Land, The

Iron Ore In WA:1500c

Joys of Women, The (Part1)

Joys of Women, The (Part2)

Milliya Rumarra: Brand New Day

Nullarbor Hideout

Oil in Western Australia

Queen in Sydney, The

Sand Paintings of the Western Desert: a Demonstration

Two Christmases, The

Unknown Land, The

Walkabout: a Journey With the Aboriginals

What’s Brewing?

Ascot Perth Cup 1970

A Lobster’s tale

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